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Orgasm is the maximum expression of sexual excitement which follows the psychological and physical stimulation of the erogenous zones and sexual organs.

We all know that orgasm is a fantastic thing: you can enjoy them alone or in the company of, for example, an Escorte Suceava.

But what actually is an orgasm? And most importantly, how can we get bigger, better, faster and more frequent?

1. What is an orgasm actually?

An orgasm is the body letting go when it can’t handle the pressure of increased blood flow to the genitals. Orgasm is simply the process of blood rushing back to where it came from and all those tense muscles relaxing.

2. What is a multiple orgasm?

For a woman, it can be two things. Multiple one can mean one really long one, super orgasm or two or three in a row. Women, unlike men, can go back and continue, but that doesn’t mean a man can’t have multiples. Men are able to cum without ejaculation. This is when the man experiences sesation in his brain and maintains his erection, but inhibits ejaculation by squeezing the PC muscle (the ones that stop you from peeing) and other techniques. An orgasm is the body letting go when it can’t stand the pressure of increased blood flow to the genitals. Some men can even come with multiple ejaculation. This means that he can have several in a row, all accompanied by full or partial ejaculation. Some men lose their erection completely every time and some keep it.

3. Is there a vaginal orgasm?

Most sex therapists state that ALL orgasms come from the clitoris and those achieved by penetration only happen because the inside of the clitoris is stimulated or the clitoral glans is pulled by the act of thrusting. There is also no doubt that some women can come through intense stimulation of the anterior wall of the vagina. But it’s not about the vaginal one because it’s the stimulation of the female prostate and the area around the urethra.

4. Do some people actually achieve it in the gym?

10% of women report reaching orgasm during exercise. Some women can come simply through nipple stimulation, and (rare but true) some people orgasm when they have sneezing fits. It has also been documented that a small percentage of people are able to achieve it simply through fantasy, without any kind of physical stimulation.

5. Can you both come at the same time?

Let’s look at the facts. About 75% of men in relationships always orgasm with their partner, compared to 30% of women. Do the math and you’ll soon see that the chances of you both orbiting into orgasmic ecstasy at exactly the same time is highly unlikely. Romantic, yes. Probably not. Frankly, taking turns — you orgasm first, he orgasms later — isn’t just more practical, it’s sometimes a lot more satisfying.

6. Can you tell if your partner is faking?

In practice it is impossible for men to pretend, if there is an ejaculation it means that he has come. On the contrary, it is possible for the woman to pretend.

7. Do men come more than women?

A large-scale study of American adults found that women have about one orgasm in every three a man has. One in three women have trouble having an orgasm (by any means) with a partner and 80% are unable to achieve it through vaginal intercourse alone. Yet most women have no problem getting one during masturbation, particularly if they use a sex toy or strap-on. In fact, lesbians have nearly as many as men.

8. What makes it easier for women to cum?

The distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening predicts the likelihood of achieving vaginal orgasm. If the distance is less than the width of an inch, the clitoris is more likely to be stimulated through a push-activated “pulling” sensation.

9. What is the world record for an orgasm?

The longest orgasm on record was recorded in 1966, when a woman had a 45-second orgasm involving 25 individual contractions. Lucky her!

10. What is the average duration?

Research has found that female orgasms are on average 25% longer than male orgasms. The female one typically lasts 10.9 seconds while for the man it is shorter than two seconds.

So here’s what you need to know on the subject. Have a good fun!

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